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Antonio Raya Pardo. Granada, Spain.

Antonio Raya Pardo. Granada, Spain.  One of the most important names in the Granada school of guitar making, Antonio Raya Pardo was born in Jaen.  After a brief time working at the shop of Jose Lopez Bellido, he established his own workshop in 1973.  A meticulous craftsman, Antonio Raya Pardo’s guitars are elegant, warm and well balanced.  Hi son, Antonio Raya Ferrer (b. 1980), continues the tradition in the same elegant style of his father.

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José Marín Plazuelo

José Marín Plazuelo. Granada, Spain.

José Marín Plazuelo began making guitars in 1974 at the age of 14 under the guidance of his uncle, world-renowned guitar maker Antonio Marín Montero.  Few at his age can claim a classical guitar-making career spanning over 40 years and today Plazuelo is considered one of the best guitar makers in Spain.

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Antonio Marín Montero

Antonio Marín Montero. Granada, Spain.

Maestro Antonio Marín Montero almost doesn’t warrant an introduction.  He is one of the legends of classical guitar lutherie.  In 1977, wanting to perfect his craft further, he journeyed to Paris.  The purpose of his trip to France was to meet the respected and influential luthier, Robert Bouchet, where he would learn and expand his craft from this great master.  It would have been hard to imagine at the time that this was to have an unimaginable impact and be the beginning of a new guitar making tradition, the “Granada School.”  Antonio’s enduring friendship with Bouchet was to last until Bouchet’s death in 1986.

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José González López

José González López. Granada, Spain.

I have had the good fortune of making long lasting friendships over the years.   One of the most special relationships I have enjoyed were with world renowned guitar makers, Antonio Marín Montero, Pepe Marín Plazuelo and José González López.

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