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José González López

José González López. Granada, Spain.

I have had the good fortune of making long lasting friendships over the years.   One of the most special relationships I have enjoyed were with world renowned guitar makers, Antonio Marín Montero, Pepe Marín Plazuelo and José González López.

After many years and countless visits to their guitar workshop, I still can’t describe the sensation I feel every time I walk up the narrow streets of el Realejo to see them.

In recent years I have become a huge fan of the guitars made by José González.   He is undoubtedly becoming one of the best guitar makers in Spain.  He began apprenticing with Antonio and Pepe when he was 28 years old, and to this day the three continue to share the same workshop.  His guitars are warm, clear, balanced, comfortable, and offer strong projection.  They are usually made with Indian Rosewood for the body and a choice of Cedar or Spruce for the tops.

Please check our current concert classical guitar  inventory for guitars by this excellent luthier.

Here are some pictures I took during my visits over the years.  I hope you enjoy them!

Billy Arcila


 Left photograph.  Antonio Marín Montero, Pepe Marín Plazuelo & José González López.   Granada, Spain 1996.
Right photograph.  Antonio Marín Montero, Pepe Marín Plazuelo & Billy Arcila.   Granada, Spain 1996.


Antonio Marín Montero & José González López.   Granada, Spain 2013.


Left Photograph.  José González López, Pepe Marín Plazuelo, Antonio Marín Montero & Billy Arcila.   Granada, Spain 2007.
Right Photograph.  The Maestro, Rafael Moreno Rodríguez, Billy Arcila, José González, Arturo Fernandez, Pepe Plazuelo, René Baarslag, Ana Espinosa Rodríguez & Francisco Manuel Díaz.  Granada, Spain 2007.

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