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Luis Ángel González, Luthier

Los Angeles Classical Guitars is proud to introduce the guitars of Luis Ángel González.  I had the great pleasure of visiting with Luis and playing his classical guitars this past July.   I left his shop impressed and eager to make his instruments available at our shop.

His guitars are beautiful, well-balanced and very easy to play.  His studies have led him to develop his own bracing pattern and all his guitars are finished with French polish.  He adheres to using woods that are FSC-certified and have been selected and dried for at least 7 years.

Based in León, Spain, Luis began playing guitar at 11 years of age.  As a teenager he was introduced to the art of woodworking by a local priest who was also a teacher and violin maker.  His luthier career started taking shape in 1996, when he made his first guitar.  Throughout the years, Luis has been influenced by Torres, Santos Hernández, Fleta and others.

We will be receiving our first guitar from Luis in May 2014.  It will have a spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides.  We are looking forward to receiving this beautiful classical guitar and will update the listing with pictures as soon as we have it in stock.