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Augustine, Imperial Blue Hard Tension


The Imperial treble strings are composed of a new and unique polymer.

These strings are a lighter gauge than the Regal, for those who prefer easier action. Imperial strings are a medium-gauge treble string.

Augustine Imperial series have bright, sweet sounding trebles and rich warm basses.

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The sets are made up with the same basses players have always enjoyed from the Augustine Traditional series (the color part of the item description refers to the basses) paired with Imperial trebles.

Imperial trebles are slightly thinner in diameter and slightly lower in tension than Regal trebles.

Imperial trebles are a little sweeter where Regal trebles tend to be punchier and rounder sounding.

Both are brighter than the Traditional series trebles.

NoteGauge (in.)Gauge (mm)Material
E/1st.0290.74Clear Nylon
B/2nd.0330.84Clear Nylon
G/3rd.0411.04Clear Nylon
D/4th.0310.79Silverplated Copper Wound
A/5th.03750.95Silverplated Copper Wound
E/6th.04451.13Silverplated Copper Wound