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González, Nelson. Tres Guitar Method


World-renowned tresero (tres player) Nelson Gonzalez explains tuning and playing of the Cuban tres guitar, offering tips for beginning to advanced players.  As the instrument’s name implies, the tres has three courses of double or triple strings and is used both as a lead and an accompaniment instrument.  The author thoughtfully includes instructions for converting a normal 6-string guitar to a tres guitar, offering suggestions for appropriate string gauges.

This may be the first book of its kind published outside of Cuba.  The method contains Latin folksongs arranged for the beginning tres player plus examples of repeated, often syncopated underlying vamps called montunos.  The book also presents all principal chords and scale patterns plus notation fundamentals- all beautifully illustrated with clear photos, diagrams and explanations. Written in standard notation only.

Nelson Gonzalez is singularly qualified to write this book.  Known in Latin music circles as the ‘Ambassador of the Cuban Tres Guitar’, he has toured or recorded with a virtual Who’s Who of Latin stars not to mention his own band, Son Mudano.  His tres mastery is featured on dozens of recordings with such artists as Tito Puente, Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia, Paul Simon, and Marc Anthony to name only a few.

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Nelson González,  “Tres Guitar Method”.
Publisher:  Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
48 Pages.

Chord Charts
Guitar-Tres Conversion
Key of A Minor
Minor Keys
Minor Scales
Music Notation Fundamentals
Playing Position
Solos: “Son Mundano” CD
Strings and Tuning
The A and E Scales
The Ab and Eb Scales
The Bb Scale
The C Major Scale
The C String: C and D
The D Scale
The E String: E, F# and G
The E String: E, F# and G
The E String: E, F# and G
The F Major Scale
The G Major Scale
The G String: G, A and B
Thirds and Chords
Tres Montunos