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Granados, Enrique. 12 Danzas Españolas for Guitars Solo. Arr. Fujii


For Solo Guitar

  • Standard Notation

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Enrique Granados, 12 Danzas Españolas

For Solo Guitar

  • Edited and Fingered by Masahiro Masuda

  • Arranged for guitar solo by Masahiro Masuda, except ‘No.2 Oriental’ arranged by Shingo Fujii

  • Standard Notation

  • 47 Pages

    • No.1 Galante (Minueto)
    • No.2 Oriental
    • No.3 Fandango(Zarabanda)
    • No.4 Villanesca
    • No.5 Andaluza(Playera)
    • No.6 Jota(Rondella Aragonesa)
    • No.7 Valenciana (Calesera)
    • No.8 Sardana(Asturiana)
    • No.9 Romántica(Mazurca)
    • No.10 Melancólica(Danza Triste)
    • No.11 Zambra(Bolero)
    • No.12 Arabesca

    “Danzas Espanolas” is a collection of twelve pieces for piano solo. The work is divided into four books of three dances each. On hearing this work, the 19th century French composer Jules Massenet hailed Granados as “the Spanish Grieg”- we can say that these pieces made the young Granados famous. The dates of composition are not clear, but we know Granados had begun writing these pieces by the age of 20, and the first public performance took place at Teatre Liric in Barcelona in 1890. Each of the dances has the character of various Spanish dances, but it is thought that they are totally original compositions, rather than borrowing the melodies and rhythms from Spanish folk music. Additionally, the subtitles under which we know the dances today were mostly added by the publisher after the work was completed it is said that only the subtitles of no.4 (Villanesca) and no.7 (Valenciana) were approved by the composer.