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Koshkin, Nikita. Classic Koshkin, Collection of Solos

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Classic Koshkin, Collection of Solos

For Solo Guitar

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Nikita Koshkin (1956-), “Classic Koshkin, Collection of Solos”
Edited by Frank Koonce.
Standard Notation.
80 Pages.

*  Hispanic Suite:  Dancing on the Plaza
*  Hispanic Suite:  Night Serenade
*  Hispanic Suite:  Fiesta
*  Pan
*  Tristan Playing the Lute
*  Romance
*  The Ballads:  Allegretto
*  The Ballads:  Moderato
*  The Ballads:  Con Moto
*  The Ballads:  Adagio Molto
*  The Ballads:  Moderato

Guitarist Nikita Koshkin is one of Russia’s leading composers,  teachers and concert artists.  This collection includes works from throughout his 30-year career  as a composer including his three-movement Hispanic Suite,  one of his earliest compositions.  The other compositions included in this volume are:  Pan,  Tristan Playing the Lute,  Romance,  and a five-movement suite called The Ballads:  Suite for Solo Guitar.  Koshkin uses dropped-D tuning in several of these pieces and favors rhythmic variety and stylistic diversity.  These intermediate to advanced compositions appear in standard notation only with suggested left-hand fingering and generous performance notes.