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Noad, Frederick. First Book for the Guitar – Part 1

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*  A Beginner’s Manual to the Classical Guitar

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Frederick Noad (1929-2001),  “First Book for the Guitar:  Part One”.
Published by  G. Schirmer,  Inc.
Book.  64 Pages.
With Standard Guitar Notation.

(Guitar Method).  Uses a systematic approach using the interesting solo and duet music written by Noad,  one of the world’s foremost guitar educators.  No musical knowledge is necessary.  Student can progress by simple stages.  Many of the exercises are designed for a teacher to play with the students.  Will increase student’s enthusiasm,  therefore increasing the desire to take lessons.


*  Aura Lee,  composed by George R. Poulton
*  Banks Of The Ohio
*  Etude,  composed by Ferdinando Carulli
*  Fandango
*  Flow Gently,  Sweet Afton composed by James E. Spilman
*  I Gave My Love A Cherry
*  Minuet,  composed by Henry Purcell
*  Moorish Dance
*  Song At Nightfall,  composed by C.M. Bellman
*  Minuet Theme,  composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
*  Evening Breeze,  composed by F.M. Noad
*  Flamenco Study