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Provost, Richard. The Art & Technique of Performance


  • This volume teaches performance skills by examining pre-concert preparation and how to lessen perfomance anxiety. It covers practice, public relations, and concert booking as well as psychology and creativity.

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Richard Provost, The Art & Technique of Performance

  • 64 Pages

Pre-Concert Preparation, Programing & Programs, Publicity, Performance Anxiety, Practicing to Perform, Learning to Practice, Performance Check List, The Role of the Teacher, The Role of the Student, Critiquing the Playing, Learning to Perform.

“Contains guidance for preparation, performance, including programming, advertising, performance check list, and clinic, etc. It is like a manual for performers. Recommended for those of you who have chances to perform.” -Gendai Guitar Magazine

“Although the scope of this topic may appear unwieldy, his approach is comprehensive yet reader friendly. Provost covers a vast landscape, ranging from pre-concert preparation to performance. En route, the four P s are discussed; these include the practical, physical, psychological, and pedagogical aspects of performing. The Art & Technique of Performance may be considered a how-to manual and helpful to many teachers and performers. It is to Provosts credit that his long career as a teacher has also included concern for the performers total preparation.” -Julie Jaffee Nagel, American Music Teacher

“Addresses musician’s difficulties surrounding live performances. The book discusses a range of topics from overcoming stage fright to arranging publicity for concert performances.” -American String Teacher Magazine

“Here again there are valuable discussions of subjects that concern us all.” -David Grimes, Soundboard Magazine

“Useful advice and techniques for anyone preparing for a concert performance. Accessible style. Mr. Provost speaks for and to guitarists in a helpful manner which summarizes difficulties and may help many experienced and inexperienced guitarists alike.” -Emma Martinez, Classical Guitar Magazine

Many learn how to play but few really learn how to perform. I applaud Richard Provost for his work in this area. D.B., American String Teacher Magazine