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Pujol, Máximo Diego. 6 Revelaciones


For Solo Guitar

  • Standard Notation

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Máximo Diego Pujol, 6 Revelaciones

For Solo Guitar

  • Standard Notation

  • 18 Pages

    • Un nuevo día
    • Tango express
    • La búsqueda
    • Mulato
    • Canción de la tarde
    • Acá a la vuelta
Un Nuevo Dia is a milonga meant to describe the arrival of dawn.  Its melody is in the higher echelons of the lower strings, with accompanying arpeggios sitting above.  Tango Express is Piazzollaesque, with its clashing minor seconds syncopated against a walking bass line.  La Busqueda (The Search) is a beautifully evocative piece, with some lovely openended harmonies in its nearly constant flow of 8th notes.  Mulato is another standout piece, full of catchy melodies and a riff that keeps recurring throughout, as well as a lovely middle section that roams through distant keys.  Cancion de la Tarde is a romantic piece with a pretty tune and warm harmonies.  The final work, Aca a La Vuelta, is the longest, the most upbeat, and a fittingly uproarious conclusion to what is a great set from this always reliable ambassador of the guitar.  “Classical Guitar Magazine”