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Antonio Marín Montero

Antonio Marín Montero. Granada, Spain.

Maestro Antonio Marín Montero almost doesn’t warrant an introduction.  He is one of the legends of classical guitar lutherie.  In 1977, wanting to perfect his craft further, he journeyed to Paris.  The purpose of his trip to France was to meet the respected and influential luthier, Robert Bouchet, where he would learn and expand his craft from this great master.  It would have been hard to imagine at the time that this was to have an unimaginable impact and be the beginning of a new guitar making tradition, the “Granada School.”  Antonio’s enduring friendship with Bouchet was to last until Bouchet’s death in 1986.

On a recent trip to see Antonio I had the privilege of playing one of the guitars that he and Bouchet made together.   The years have been passing by and it is going on 20 years since I first met the Maestro.  I have been playing his guitars ever since, and together with Pepe Marín Plazuelo and José González López, is a dear friend.

Antonio’s guitars are perfect for my taste – clear, smooth, strong, incredibly balanced and  very warm.  An incredibly dedicated craftsman, he still works tirelessly building guitars.  At 81, Antonio has slowed down his output in recent years but he is making the very best instruments of his career.

In the next few weeks I will finally be receiving two new guitars that have been on order for some time – one by Antonio Marín and the other by José Marín Plazuelo – both of which I was able to select the woods to be used during one of my past visits.

Please check our current concert classical guitar inventory for guitars by this legendary guitar luthier.

Here are some pictures I took during my visits over the years. I hope you enjoy them!

Billy Arcila



Antonio Marín’s work bench.  Granada, Spain 2013.


Left photograph. Antonio Marín.  Granada, Spain 1996.
Right photograph.  El Maestro, Billy Arcila & Pepe Marín Plazuelo.  Granada, Spain 1999.


Left photograph.  Antonio Marín.  Granada, Spain 2005.
Right photograph.  Juan Antonio Correa Marín, Billy Arcila, el Maestro, José González & José Marín Plazuelo.  Granada, Spain 2005.


Left photograph.  Antonio Marín.  Granada, Spain 2013.
Right photograph.  The Maestro, José González, José Marín Plazuelo & Billy Arcila.  Granada, Spain 2013.


Wood shavings around Antonio’s bench.  Granada, Spain 2013.


The Maestro’s work bench.  Granada, Spain 2013.

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